In addition to the full collection of videos for healthcare professionals below, feel free to visit the YouTube Hunter syndrome YouTube channel.

mqdefaultIs there a Zebra in your Practice?

Watch expert-led discussions on MPS II differential diagnosis.

mqdefaultTransition of Adolescents into Adulthood

As a child with MPS II goes through adolescence the gap between pediatric and adult care must be bridged. Here Doctor Christina Lampe highlights the importance of embedding transition care as a key part of adolescent health provision.

mqdefault-1Introduction to the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Approach

The progressive multisystem nature of MPS II requires communication and coordination from many different specialties across the spectrum of health care.

mqdefault-2Management of MPS II: An MDT Approach (Anesthesia)

Dr. Christina Lampe discusses both the preoperative and postoperative anesthesiological risk factors associated with this complex disease.

mqdefault-3Management of MPS II: A MDT Approach (Cardiology)

Professor Joseph Muenzer explains the key findings linked to cardiac valve disease from the Hunter Outcome Survey (HOS).

mqdefault-4Management of MPS II: An MDT Approach (Neurology)

In this video Dr Amartino discusses the most common neurological manifestations of Hunter syndrome (MPS II), including seizures, hydrocephalus, carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal cord compression.

mqdefault-5Awareness & Diagnosis of Hunter Syndrome

Professor Barbara Burton explores why this condition can be difficult to recognize and discusses the importance of identifying MPS II as early as possible.

mqdefault-5Early Neurological Signs/Symptoms in MPS Patients

In this video Professor Anna Tylki-Szymanska discusses the early neurological signs and symptoms associated with the accumulation of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in Hunter syndrome (MPS II), including cognitive impairment, attention deficit, sleep disturbances and behavioral difficulties.


Feel free to visit the YouTubeHunter syndrome YouTube channel for additional videos.

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